About Us

Our Company

Our Company was founded by like-minded entrepreneurs who saw a vision of growing trends and need for virtual employment to help companies grow.

Our Mission is to empower companies especially Small and Medium enterprises around the globe with a better alternative to traditional outsourcing by providing them their dedicated employees and office in the cloud without the headaches of Human Resources and international presence and local codes.

Our Vision

To be a one-stop-shop for cloud-based services across the world by providing skilled virtual employees in every facet and field.

Office Infrastructure

Our office is housed in the prestigious Regus office in Chennai. Maintained to international standards, the office is equipped with spacious workstations, air-conditioning, multiple generators for 24×7 power back-up, advanced communication technology to ensure smooth communication for our clients and employees. Security guards man the entry and exit of each employee and powerful data security systems ensure that critical client data and sensitive information are safeguarded. Our client’s privacy is outmost importance.

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