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  2. TO is your office in India- your entire remote team works together for easy collaboration
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With India vast talent pool of educated, skilled English proficient professionals, you are in your driver seat to grow your business and control your company operational expenses.

Your Team in your office in India

TeamOursource.com does not just provide highly talented employees to work for you. We enable our clients to set up their own branch office in India with zero set up cost or time investment.

Large multinationals have done this for decades and now so can you, literally at the click of your mouse.   All hardware, infrastructure, IT, Accounts, HR, legal issues etc is taken care of by us so you get the advantage of having an offshore office, but without any of the set up or management headache.

You get an Offshore team which is really part of your company that leads to better communication and you get a higher level of professionalism.

What we do for you:

  • We have many skilled and talented professionals in variety of different domains and spend hours of recruiting on your behalf at no cost to you to find the perfect employee for you in accordance with your job description. If an inhouse skills is unavailable, we can also recruit for your employees, from anywhere in India.
  • We don’t charge you any recruitment fees. Your payment terms cant be simpler and you can end the employment contract at no cost to you.

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